As a Switzerland-based conglomerate, our organization oversees a diverse array of companies that are actively engaged in various sectors globally. Our subsidiaries stand as leaders in innovation and growth, offering a comprehensive spectrum of products and services to a wide range of partners and clients across the globe.

Our executive leadership team is dedicated to fostering the success of each of our subsidiaries. We recognize the pivotal role these entities play in the overarching prosperity of our organization. In line with this understanding, we are steadfast in our commitment to equip the teams within our companies with exemplary leadership, robust support, essential tools, and the resources necessary to expand and realize their strategic objectives.






Outstanding leaders create a vision, articulate it, embrace it with passion and pursue it tenaciously.

Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric

We manage our portfolio with the utmost care. This enables us to minimize risks and ensures that we are optimally positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities in the market.

Investments: We recognize that innovation is the success factor for all our companies. Therefore, investing in research and development is an essential part of our business strategy.

Strategic management: We develop and implement innovative strategies in close cooperation with our subsidiaries. These promote growth, increase profitability and add value through corporate planning, market research, product development, financial analysis and much more. We deliver actionable insights that support informed decision making and the achievement of desired results.

Legal: Our team works diligently to ensure our subsidiaries are well-informed and prepared at every step of the legal process by complying with applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards.

Finance: Our teams have extensive experience in areas such as financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, cash management, risk management and more. We help them set financial targets, prepare budgets and financial reports, and ensure they deliver timely and accurate financial information.

Marketing: We contribute to the success of the company and its subsidiaries. By maintaining brand identity, generating leads, conducting market research, supporting product development, managing PR and sales promotion, our marketing team ensures that the organization and its subsidiaries are well positioned to compete and succeed in the marketplace.